Design Approach

In 1993, our organization was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to educate the public about architects and the value of contemporary design. The approach to design that we support is characterized by:

• Innovation in response to client sensitive, creative problem-solving rather than consistent application of any predetermined style

• Sound construction honestly expressed using appropriate materials

• Reliance on site specific conditions, such as climate, to determine design solutions

• Priority given to social implications and humanistic concerns for quality of life

• Low cost of construction relative to high quality of product achieved

The work we document pushes the limits of design and construction techniques while always paying close attention to its users’ needs. We consider it a cultural resource and socially responsible art form.

Our goal is to provide a global network of support connecting the public, the profession, the academic community, and the construction industry.

And . . . with the wider public acceptance of climate change and increasing appreciation for sustainability and resiliency, significant hard data is finally being collected that supports the timeless approach to design described above, and especially . . . for the value an architect can bring to this approach.